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Find a space that you can call your own for studying. If it can be in your room or a study that is best. Be careful not to get distracted when you work in your room. Stay away from your television and your social media.

A List Of The Best PhD Thesis Topics In Biochemistry

Selecting a PhD Thesis topic is not an easy thing to do. You will be living with this thesis for a significantly long period of time.

One of the ways to select a Ph.D. thesis topic is to borrow a trick from Hollywood directors. Many Hollywood directors go through a lots and lots of book and then select one which really grabs their throat. Their criterion is if they are willing to spend one year with the book, then the readers may be willing to spend a couple of hours on the movie.

You should also be flexible to drop a Ph.D. topic pretty early on your research days. It is not an easy thing to do because once you select a Ph.D. topic and work with it for some time your ego tends to get invested in it. It may be difficult to abandon the project then even when you realize that it is not working out. Another psychological tendency that works in this case is commitment and consistency. Human beings are wired to come across as dependable and changing mind again and again is connected a sign of a fickle mind. However, sometimes its better to change your mind rather than stick with a commitment you have made just to come across as consistent. Commitments are particularly powerful when they are effortful, public and apparently unforced

The following topics can be used to write a research paper in Biochemistry:

  1. Biomass conversion to chemicals & energy
  2. Discovery of new pharmaceuticals from desert and marine microorganisms
  3. Insights into DNA deformations
  4. Microbes & fungi preservation in ancient soils
  5. Gene fusion in Sarcoma
  6. Mechanistic study of Autophagy initiation in the mammalian homeostasis
  7. For Diabetic patients : Evaluation of Serum Fructosamine
  8. Lineage-Specific Genes & Evolution
  9. Research on Biochemical Profile in Coronary Arteries Disease
  10. Mitochondrial gene expressions & human diseases

Remember a PhD life is like one of a hermit. You will be living alone with your topic and contemplating on it for a period of years. It is not for everyone. It suits certain personality types. You have to be honest with yourself in asking if you fit into that personality type. If you are very social, extrovert and connecting with people is very important to you then you will not be able to adapt to a research scholars lifestyle. A job in corporate would be more suitable for you. If you fit into the type, then there are few things more rewarding than a scholar’s life.