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Proper PhD Thesis Topics In Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology is a subject that explores students, students’ assessment and evaluation, teaching practices, the dynamics of students at school, learning development, and learning development rate between other students and school based subjects.

A school psychologist might be needed for grief counseling if a student dies or may be asked to help evaluate a disruptive child. The job has a broad umbrella and serves a very important role in the world of academics. If you are going to get your doctorate in the field you will want a fresh and strong subject idea. Your subject topic will have to be approved, so you want to select one with a lot of potential. If it isn’t approved, you have topic a new title, and start the process over again.

If you are frustrated because you can’t come up with an idea, do not worry. We have a list of proper PhD thesis topics in educational psychology.

List of Proper Topics

  • School Violence-teaching without fear, but with safety and security is a fine line to walk for teachers
  • The Home Child-some children do not move easily from home to the classroom, look at what scares a child from making the natural progression
  • Death of a Classmate-explore how a class can grieve, and still be educated when they lose a classmate
  • Educating the Homeless Child-explore how educators can teach the homeless child in order to break the cycle
  • Teachers Replacing Teachers-when a teacher has to leave the classroom in the middle of the year, it can be difficult for some students to adapt to the new instructor, look at this situation
  • Bullying, Do We have a Handle on It, or is it Simply Changing Forms-do educators have the bully situation, or has it morphed to electronic means where educators can’t control it
  • Hungry Children-how can we teach a child who is hungry from lack of regular meals and what does this say about our system
  • Core Standards and how They are Abusive to Some Children-are core standards crushing children who are all ready at a n economic disadvantage, how can a lesson be standard when children are not standard
  • The Abused Child and the Guilty Teacher-teachers who abuse in the classroom under the premise of authority
  • Adult Education-is there a point when it is too late to give an adult a formal education, or is any time a good time