Tip Of The Day

Find a space that you can call your own for studying. If it can be in your room or a study that is best. Be careful not to get distracted when you work in your room. Stay away from your television and your social media.

Tips For Creating A Doctoral Thesis That Will Impress Your Professor

You can influence your professor only when you yourself have patience and you follow a proper line of order. Time organization means that you have started your doctoral thesis work before time and have gathered and assembled the data properly. As soon as you enter the doctoral field, you should start thinking and planning. Remember, gathering information, organizing it and writing them takes time , so go for time management.

Following are some tips that will prove highly helpful for you-

  1. Writing doctoral thesis is a lengthy and weary task and hence you need to have patience. Many students quit it just because of stress. Take time and stay in right frame of mind. One single change can make a huge difference.
  2. Limit the available time. Start giving it a shape whatever you have gathered after experimenting. A time comes when your supervisor prevents your entry into the lab. So, try writing the paper before that date.
  3. Take tough decisions. Focus and have determination to tie the loose ends.
  4. First complete your research and then initiate the writing.
  5. Complete the writing work at home as office has too many distractions. Stay away from TV. Use internet connection for research related work only and not for entertainment.
  6. Sit on a comfortable seat with good ventilation in your room. Stock all the required materials for writing.
  7. Set your target on daily, weekly and monthly basis. It is surely to make you meet the deadline. Stay consistent and feel good about yourself.
  8. Start your day with good speed as your speed is going to decline by the end of the day. This momentum keeps you stress free. Furthermore, as you accomplish your task, clean your desk so that it stops your brain from working and give it rest.
  9. Follow the guidelines: Go through the instructor’s guidelines in terms of format as in what they want you to follow APA, MLA or Chicago’s guidelines.
  10. Pick an impressive topic: Gather all the information. It’s not possible without an intensive research.
  11. Jot all the important points. Write all the important information that you come across and organize it on a separate place.
  12. Create an outline: It will keep you on track. Begin with Title page. Followed by it write abstract, contents, Background, Literature Review, Methodology and Data analysis. Carry a discussion in 7th Chapter. Bibliography is the list of references that you will be citing in your doctoral thesis. If you have additional references write them in Appendices section.
  13. Start writing and get the paper printed: Take care of any kind of grammar errors, typos etc.