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Excellent PhD Thesis Topics In International Relations

The world has become smaller with travel and technological advancements. With the shrinking world, you will find more employment options in the international fields. For example, a large furniture company in t he United States has a home base in a European country. The company will have international positions. It can be difficult to run a business based in one country with the operating runs of another country.

This field also has a large amount of governmental obligations such as trade polices, employee rules and regulations, and import and export taxes. This is a complex arena. You could actually work with the government and have a job that deals with relations with another country. Many times this relationship is formed due an emergency and relief aid being brought into the suffering area.

This is the most important paper in your educational career. It will be argues, proof of your expertise, and often times a connection to your future employment. As you navigate these waters, use our excellent PhD topics in international relations to help you on your journey.

Excellent International Relations Topics

  • A piece on countries who are Isolationists and how you work with them
  • Anglo-European relations or relationships between any two countries
  • The Arms reduction and the arms race
  • Human Rights, different countries, and working together
  • Foreign policy from any country
  • Any war such as the Cold War or the Vietnam War
  • Foreign Aid policies and procedures
  • The art of diplomacy
  • Prisoners in foreign countries-the trials, troubles, sentence, and trying to get them back home
  • ISIS and what to do about them
  • The Geneva Convention or Geneva Conventions Resources
  • International Mediation-when, where, how, and why
  • The Iron Curtain-when, where, and why
  • International Pacts-historical and current ones
  • The Reagan Doctrines, Monroe Doctrine, or the policies, pacts, and doctrines of any world leader that have impacted the world and international relations
  • Look at less than perfect relationships between two countries and how the two countries interact with each other
  • Consider countries where it might be unsafe for citizens of other countries to enter into and then work at…
  • Soft powers-what they are and how they work
  • Nuclear arms and proliferation-who has them, who shouldn’t, and what’s going on
  • What is New World Order-does it still exist, how has it changed-who, what where, when, and why
  • How the 2016 US Presidential election winner may change US international relations with certain countries