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Coming Up With Strong PhD Thesis Topics In Statistics: 13 Ideas

13 is not always an unlucky number. For you the number 13 will be able to give you some strong PhD thesis topics in Statistics. Statistics is a math course that deals with more than numbers; it looks at percentages, gathering data, mean, medium, and averages to name just a few things.

Keep in mind that you will take up to a year to write this. You will pick a topic and it will have to be approved. Once it is approved, you will then meet with your faculty dissertation advisor, look at all the due dates and instructions. You will research and you will write for a long time. You will need to set personal dates, plans, and schedules. You will need to decide if you are going to use any professional help for any step of the process such as proofing and editing.

13 Ideas

  1. Look at the different styles of analytics such as regression. You can define, explain the use, talk about the history, and then explore the future.
  2. There are different types of statistics and you will probably have a favorite. It is the one that you will probably work in one day. An example of a field in descriptive.
  3. Testing on guesses, which is called hypothesis testing and also the concepts of variance, will make a great subject.
  4. The idea that something has a percentage of possibly happening is called probability distributions. These distributions will be a range of number such as the probability that the Dolphins will have another losing football season his year.
  5. Data can be gathered in many ways, write about the collecting of data.
  6. Write about the basic fundamentals of the subject.
  7. Regression is one of the first things you will learn in the field. You can write about the importance of this in the subject.
  8. Careers. This is the most basic subject ever, but if you can find some creative or slightly odd employment opportunities.
  9. Research and report on applied decision making by the management positions in the field. What kind of work would you do and in what businesses.
  10. After data collection and what happens after your gather various data.
  11. You could also delve into different fields such as time series,
  12. Biostatistics
  13. Or epidemiology, samples, time series, reliability theory, or any other expert field.

If you are stuck with no ideas for your important PhD document for the advanced degree, you can use any of our magical 23 topics. The statistics are good that you will have success.