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Expert's Guide To Organizing An Undergraduate Dissertation Research Methodology

The method you employ while writing a dissertation surely affect the outcomes to a great extent. Hence, it is suggested that you employ most appropriate methodology and complete your job. Dissertation methodology is one of the most significant sections of a thesis chapter. So, when you frame its content, first think for an idea and think what is expected out of it.

Apart from this, ensure that your methodology section complements the entire paper. The matter should not only be written in the form of words but the content should sound highly meaningful too. So gather enough material and refer the papers of passed out scholarly individuals and go through their pattern of writing in terms of writing style, format, content, length etc.

The term “Dissertation research methodology” does not simply mean that we will discuss about various quantitative and qualitative methods that have been employed in the investigation because these are the primary classifications employed to define the methods. On the other hand in the methodology, chapter is beyond all this. You need to cite in all the specific details of the study methods and patterns to make it most effective and meaningful one.

Consider following points to make your undergraduate thesis methodology a meaningful one-

  1. First of all think what your topic is all about. Keep the title in mind and think from its perspective.
  2. Think about the objective of writing the thesis.
  3. Think if you would like to follow any approach to find the solution of the question in hand.
  4. What is the various methodologies option you would employ to conduct your experiments and write the thesis?
  5. Think if there are any specific tools or instruments you would use?
  6. Also mention the relation of the tools and the context they were put in use.
  7. Also write various means that you opted for collecting data. Was it via some questionnaire or through online or offline sources?
  8. Is it justified to use the existing research instruments or you could have used some other means? Is there any better choice for you? If yes, what was that and what are its advantages over the existing instruments.
  9. Write different stages of data analysis? Write them step by step along with their significance.

These questions are merely sample questions that guide you with the steps of writing any methodology. However, you might get an assignment where the guideline comes with specific instructions as in what all points should be included in the chapter. Hence follow the instructions closely before you start your preparation.