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10 Useful Suggestions For Your MBA Dissertation Topics In Marketing

Marketing is one of the most powerful forces in our world today and you would not believe it if you only knew why. Through marketing, companies are able to persuade large amounts of people to make purchases, go place or take actions that would ultimately profit them. As a consumer, it can be quite useful to be knowledgeable in different marketing styles, both to benefit and protect yourself.

Writing a dissertation is a necessary step during the course of an MBA and most students would have had some experience with this form of writing by now. Dissertations are simple enough to understand, what often proves difficult is actually executing the required tasks and first of all, identifying them. An important step that inexperienced authors often make is underestimating the importance of selecting a good topic. To help you with this, I have provided a list of 10 topic suggestions in marketing for you to consider:

  1. Buyer beware
  2. This topic explores the possible societal support for the idea that it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure their safety in any business deal. Should this practice be openly endorsed or should governments put a stop to the exploitation of ignorant buyers?

  3. Success versus being liked
  4. This study explores the price business owners must pay, to secure their financial success. Is it often an exchange between profits and public image, or does public image not matter?

  5. The cost of a cheap product

    Is it fair for companies to market a product cheaply because it may have some shortcomings in terms of quality?

  6. Deception of the ignorant

    This study attempts to discover just how much advertisers consider the ignorance of their buyer base when designing their marketing strategies.

  7. Over priced products
  8. This study attempts to find out why persons are more likely to purchase products of higher price when there is no identifiable difference in the product’s performance.

  9. Packaging practices
  10. This study attempts to identify the factors that are likely to present them self when a person is attempting to purchase a product through visual inspection.

  11. The effects of branding
  12. This study attempts to identify the full extent branding can have on a buyer’s decision making process.

  13. Outdated technology
  14. This study attempts to understand the success of companies that stick to outdated technologies for marketing purposes

  15. Informative advertising
  16. This study attempts to identify any benefits that can come from informative advertising practices over deceptive ones.

  17. Competition
  18. This study attempts to understand the effects a competitive market can have on marketing practices.